Why Package Design Matters In Building a Brand

Package Design

Your package design tells your brand’s story. But how can you make it stand out and capture consumers’ attention? Here are a few tips to help you choose the best package design for your product. In addition, you should understand the psychology of colors in package design.

Your Package Design Expresses Your Brand’s Story

Brand storytelling is a critical component of packaging. It helps connect with consumers and leaves a lasting impression. Brand storytelling is most effective when it is personable and authentic to the brand. However, it is important to remember that not all storytelling is created equal. Your brand story should represent your business goals and culture.

When it comes to storytelling, you need to remember that consumers form their impression of a brand based on their past experiences with it. Those experiences could include recommendations from friends, reviews, and marketing messages. Your packaging design should reflect the brand perception that consumers already have of your company.

Package Design Communicate the Product’s Unique Value Proposition

Brand storytelling starts with a great package. The design should communicate the product’s unique value proposition. For example, a product that is eco-friendly should be packaged using sustainable materials. Similarly, luxury products should be packaged with high-end materials. Convenience products should be presented in a way that is easy to use.

In addition to your product, consider the demographic of your target market when designing your package design. If your target audience is kids, you may want to use bright colors and big fonts. However, if you are selling adult products, you may want to consider using simple, elegant, or minimalist design.

 Package Design

The Psychology of Colors in Package Designed

Color psychology is the study of how colors affect people’s thoughts, emotions and actions. This understanding is important in branding and advertising, as certain colors can trigger certain emotions in people and cause them to react in a certain way. For instance, the color blue can evoke images of tranquility and calm. It is therefore ideal for product packaging because it triggers memory and emotional response in people.

Research has shown that colors can greatly influence a consumer’s purchase intent. For this reason, color selection should take into account buyer demographics. This information can help packaging designers make better decisions. For example, a 2006 study found that the relationship between brands and colors is influenced by perceived appropriateness, or whether a color fits the brand.

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Color Psychology Are Based On Context of the Product

The psychological effects of different colors are based on our personal experiences and the context of the product. This makes it difficult to generalize the effect of an individual color, despite the fact that it is used to convey a certain message. The dominant color of a Starbucks cup, for example, conveys the company’s eco-friendly intentions.

Color psychology also helps product brands stand out from the crowd. A careful color scheme can have an enduring impact on a potential buyer. Different shades of the same color have different associations with the brand, so it’s important to decide which one best matches the brand and its target market.

Importance of Typography

Typography is one of the best and significant elements of package design. Typography helps to express the message of the brand.

For example, a company that trades expensive and luxury products will want to usage luxurious-looking typography, while a company that sells ecological products will want to use plain, natural-looking typography. When used efficiently, typography can make it extra useful and attractive.

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