Vivamedia – A Review of the Ad Agency Vivamedia


If you’re looking for an ad agency in Toronto, Ontario, then vivamedia is the place to go. Founded by Matthew Watts, Viva Media is a video production and digital marketing agency that builds commercials, brand films, live events, and animated content. While the name may sound like a big agency, it’s actually an independent studio. We’ll go over some of their best work and learn what makes this agency different.

Vivamedia has Many Positive Traits

The name Vivamedia has many positive traits. It’s magnetic and seductive, as well as delicate and affectionate. The D energy that you’ll experience throughout your life will determine what type of life you’ll lead. You’re likely to be extremely detailed, and your desire to please others will be strong. Your relationships will be full of kindness and warmth, and you’ll be a willing sacrificer for those you love.

Check their Reviews Online

If you’re wondering if Vivamedia has a good reputation, then you should check their reviews online. If you can’t find much information about them, then you can try searching for their name. Viva Media is a well-known brand, but the name is a little confusing for many. It appears in search results under the name “VIVA MEDIA INC.”

Who’s Founder of Vivamedia?

Nannette Rodriguez, founder of Vivamedia , says that her company is the only agency in the metro area that is focused exclusively on Hispanic marketing. Since the population of Latinos has grown explosively in the state, the firm’s focus on the Hispanic segment has increased. Although they still represent just a small percentage of the general population, Hispanics have higher incomes and larger families than the state average. And unlike other demographics, Latinos are exceptionally loyal to brands.

Vivamedia Ca – Review of Hispanic Video Agency Vivamedia

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a great business video, look no further than Vivamedia. This public company specializes in marketing and advertising. As the world’s second-largest beer company, Vivamedia is an excellent choice to develop a marketing video for your business. Regardless of your industry, Vivamedia will help you create a compelling video that will increase brand awareness and revenue. They also create a variety of compelling and informative videos to promote your company.

Company Specializes in Hispanic Marketing

The company specializes in Hispanic marketing and began focusing on Hispanic market advertising in 2002, when the Latino population exploded in Iowa. Consequently, most of its clients have shifted to this audience. Vivamedia’s Hispanic marketing expertise has earned it a deserved reputation in the Greater Des Moines area. The agency has worked with both national and local businesses to develop unique Hispanic marketing strategies. In addition, Vivamedia has found a niche as a consulting company to larger local advertising agencies.

Offer a More Comprehensive Range of Vivamedia Services

In today’s competitive market, traditional agencies are competing with agencies that offer a more comprehensive range of services. Increasingly, companies need to be experts in more than one field. Viva Media’s goal is to make the lives of its clients easier by offering a complete suite of marketing services. Managing director Ricky Pettersson discusses the importance of hiring a full-service agency. The company has 3 employees in three locations and generates $538,287 in annual revenue.

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