Top 12 Health Benefits Of Riding an Electric Scooter

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Riding an electric scooter offers many health benefits. Besides the obvious exercise benefits, riding one will also improve your fitness level and body flexibility. You will have a better hand-eye coordination, which will allow you to make smooth movements with more confidence. Moreover, riding an electric scooter will reduce your carbon footprint, which will help you save money on gas.

Improve Your Fitness & Health

Riding an electric scooter is a great way to improve your fitness and health. The stability required when riding an e-scooter helps to strengthen core muscles and increase your stamina. You may think that riding an electric scooter is painful, but it is actually a great way to build core strength.

Riding an Electric Scooter to Burn Calories

Riding an electric scooter is a best way to burn calories, which is crucial if you want to lose weight. Riding an electric scooter for 30 minutes a day burns more calories than walking for thirty minutes. Plus, e-scooters require less maintenance than conventional cars, meaning you’ll be able to use them every day. Riding an electric scooter also helps promote a greener environment and decrease your carbon footprint.

Improve Your Mental Health

Riding an e-scooter can also improve your mental health. Riding an e-scooter requires your full attention. This helps to reduce stress and improve your mood. Riding an electric scooter can also be a great way to socialize, which can help you overcome depression and loneliness.


The cost-effectiveness of riding an electric scooter depends on the length of the battery life and the amount of time it takes to recharge the battery. While the battery life is long, it costs less than $0.24 per mile. However, the cost savings are only significant if scooters are used frequently, which could be impacted by higher utilization. Currently, average riders use scooters about five times a day, but as scooter companies flood cities with new models, that number may increase. Despite this, Citi Bike’s data does not indicate a substantial increase in usage.

Riding an Electric Scooter Is Cheaper Than Public Transportation

Unlike public transportation, riding an electric scooter is also much cheaper than public transportation. It is estimated that an average American spends $2600 a year on transportation is expensive then buying an electric scooter. This figure will vary according to the distance and mode of transportation. But even if the costs are low, the environmental impact is much higher than public transportation. While ridesharing services may help reduce costs, they also introduce other problems, like the ecological impact of broken bikes and the lack of accessibility.

Environmental Benefits

Since the rise of the electric scooter, the environmental impact of riding one has been a topic of debate. The latest study from North Carolina State University measured the carbon footprint of adult electric scooters. This study shows that adult electric scooters can contribute to sustainable transportation practices while maintaining a relatively low carbon footprint.

Emissions Produced By E-Scooters Are Very Low

The emissions produced by e-scooters are very low, at just 202 grams of CO2-equivalent per passenger mile. This is far lower than the emissions from personal cars, urban bus routes, and bicycles. However, there is one disadvantage of e-scooters: they are subject to vandalism, which increases emissions from replacement parts and scrapping.

Strengthening Core Muscles with Electric Scooter Riding

Riding an electric scooter is an excellent way to build core strength. As you ride, be sure to engage your abs and keep your back straight, which will help you, balance and control the scooter. You’ll also want to keep your feet flat on the ground and pointed forward. If you have a problem with your back, it may help to invest in a scooter that fits you properly. It’s also a good idea to ride with one foot in front of the other while riding, to help strengthen your back muscles.

Electric Scooter Riding Can Tone Your Legs & Arm

You may think electric scooter riding is a low-intensity exercise, but it actually works your arms and legs. Standing for the duration of your ride burns more calories than sitting, and your entire body is in motion. Not only does it tone your legs, it also helps to improve your posture.

Scooter Riding Keeps the Stress Away & Sleep Better

While riding an e-scooter may be a lot of fun, it can also help you reduce stress. Scooter rides help you increase bone density, which can help you sleep better at night. Riding a scooter also improves your immune system. It also helps you reduce the risk of fractures.

Electric Scooter Riding Can Promote Better Posture

Riding an Electric Scooter is not just fun, it can also improve your posture. This fun activity requires you to focus your attention and improves hand-eye coordination. Even when you’re not riding, you’ll benefit from this coordination training. This type of exercise is especially beneficial for people who spend most of their day sitting in front of a desk or computer.

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