Kodama Aoimizu | Kodama Aoimizu was in a Terrible Place 2022

Kodama Aoimizu

Kodama Aoimizu was in a terrible place. She had been blackmailed, fired from her dream college, and had a lot of debt. Her job had also been fired, and she could not pay the rent on her apartment. Then, one day, she woke up in a mysterious apartment and was given a new dream – that of being an underground hero!

kanojo no zou wa Kodama Aoimizu

The kanji for Kodama Aoimizu also means echo. Although they are usually interpreted as goblin spirits or nature gods, there is some debate as to what they actually are. In the kanojo no zou wa, Kodama are a variety of creatures that live in trees.

Spirit abilities to overcome dangers

The game is set in the time of the Yokai, when trees were thought to be spirits. A nameless Kodama must journey across Japan to save a fellow Kodama Aoimizu from the nefarious Yokai. In order to do this, Kodama must use their special tree spirit abilities to overcome dangers. They can float, grow, and perform other unique abilities.

Possessed of supernatural power

The Kodama Aoimizu were believed to be possessed of supernatural power and could either be a blessing or a curse. The ones that were respected and worshiped would protect the people in their villages. However, the ones who were disobeyed would bring down powerful curses. The earliest known book in Japan, the Kojiki, mentions a tree god, Wakunochi-no-kami. The god is the second child of a brood of godlings.

Kodama Aoimizu

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Upon graduation, Kodama Aoimizu had to deal with a plethora of issues: blackmail reported, job firing, and huge student debt. She also couldn’t afford to pay the rent on her apartment. However, she managed to overcome all of these problems, and ended up getting a new apartment, a new job, and an underground hero identity.


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