How to Show Battery Percentage on IPhone 12 in 2022

how to show battery percentage on iphone 12

Most searching question is how to show battery percentage on iphone 12 ? Answer of this is you can add a battery widget to your iPhone 12 to see the current battery percentage. There are also ways to display the battery percentage using Siri. Let’s take a look at the battery percentage widgets on the iPhone 12 mini. You can also access this info from the Control Centre.

It is important to know how much battery your iPhone has so you can avoid shutting down your phone because you have run out of juice. This guide shows you how to check your iPhone’s battery percentage using the status bar. Then, you can add the battery percentage to your home screen or status bar.

Brings Back the Battery Percentage Indicator

The Apple iOS 16 software update has brought back the battery percentage indicator for iPhone 12 models. It had been removed from the status bar due to visual confusion. Now, you can find the percentage on the battery icon in the top right corner. You can also turn the battery indicator off by going to Settings > Battery. Alternatively, you can enable the Low Power Mode to save battery life.

Monitor Your Battery Levels by Adding a Widget

How to show battery percentage on iphone 12 ? When you want to see your battery level, you can now add a widget to your home screen. Widgets can be large or small, and you can even stack them. The widget appears as a small button in the top-right corner of the screen. The iOS 14 operating system brings a new battery percentage widget that monitors connected Bluetooth devices.

  • This widget is available in large, medium, and small versions.
  • It will also display the current battery percentage of the iPhone 12 connected to Bluetooth.
  • This new feature will give you a quick way to know how much battery is left on your iPhone.
  • The battery percentage widget can be placed on the Today View or Lock Screen.
  • The widget can also be customized.

Variety of Battery Widgets

There are a variety of battery widgets available, so you can add one to your iPhone. You can also add a widget to your Apple Watch. You can use the widget to keep an eye on your battery percentage and other connected Apple devices. If you’re wondering how to add a battery percentage widget to your home screen, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Useful Tool for IPhone Users

The battery percentage widget is a useful tool for iPhone users. It displays the percentage of battery power left when you swipe up from the lock screen, and on the status bar. You can also use the widget to monitor the battery level of Bluetooth devices connected to your iPhone.

Get the Battery Percentage from Siri

How to show battery percentage on iphone 12 ? One of the easiest ways to find out the battery percentage on your iPhone is to ask Siri. You can summon Siri by saying “Hey Siri” or long-pressing the side button on the right side of your iPhone. This will bring up Siri, who will then read the battery percentage on the screen. When you want to know the battery percentage of your iPhone 12 without reaching for a calculator, you can ask Siri.

  • Just activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri”
  • Siri will tell you the current charge level of your phone.
  • To make Siri give you this information automatically.
  • Open the Quick Commands app and choose the Automation tab.
  • Tap the Create automation for you button.
  • Next, add a text notification to get a battery percentage when your phone is low on charge.
  • You can also disable the option that asks you to confirm before starting the automation.

Tap on the Battery Icon

Before iOS 12, battery percentages could be found on the status bar. But with the new iPhone, you need to go to the Control Center and look for the battery percentage. The icon is located in the upper right corner of the screen. If you tap on the battery icon, you will be able to find the percentage of your battery. Once you have the percentage, you can swipe up to close Control Center.

Open the Settings App and Select Battery

How to show battery percentage on iphone 12 ? iOS users will be happy to know that their iPhones now have a battery percentage widget in the status bar. While this feature isn’t available on all devices, it makes it easier to monitor your battery life. If you’re using an older model of the iPhone, the only way to see the remaining battery percentage is to open the Settings app and select Battery. From there, you can see the battery percentage at any time.

Swipe to View the Battery Percentage

How to show battery percentage on iPhone 12 ? You can now easily view the battery percentage on your iPhone 12 without going into the Settings app. To do so, swipe left to right on the Home screen to bring up the Today view, which displays various widgets from Apple. You can then drag the battery percentage widget to the top of this view.

Using Control Center

When using an iPhone you should know that how to show battery percentage on iphone 12 knowing the battery percentage is important because it can help you decide whether or not to charge your device. You can do this with a widget, which you can add to the Control Center. You can then customize the widget to show the battery percentage whenever you want. The battery percentage indicator is also displayed in the Control Center, so you won’t have to keep checking it all the time.

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