Eskute Wayfarer Electric Bike – Motor Power, Components & Features

Eskute Wayfarer Electric Bike

This article will cover the Eskute Wayfarer Electric Bike motor power, its components, and its features. Keep reading for more information. You can also find out how many people have purchased this bike, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. Listed below are some of its most important features. So, get ready to ride on the road in style.

Eskute Wayfarer Electric Bike Specification

The Eskute Wayfarer Electric Bike comes with many of the same specifications as the Voyager model. It has a 250W brushless gear motor with BAFANG electric motor, and has a top speed of 25 kph (15.5 mph). The battery can provide a range of 65km, but that drops to 40km in pure electric mode. The best way to maximize your range is to ride in pedal mode, if possible.

  • Battery life       36V 10AH
  • Range      65km+
  • Controller 36V
  • Payload Capacity 120kg
  • Working Temperature -10-40°C
  • Charger  36V/3.0A smart charger
  • Display LCD Screen
  • Recommended Rider Heights 160 – 200cm
  • Hub Motor  250W Brushless gear motor
  • Weight 25kg
  • Pedal Assist Levels 1-5 levels
Eskute Wayfarer Electric Bike
Eskute Wayfarer battery

The ESKUTE ebike is not foldable, but it does come with a high quality / price ratio. It will require a bigger investment than a normal bicycle, but it will make it easier for you to ride and will leave no carbon footprint. It requires a 20-minute assembly, and offers pedaling assistance for users with limited physical strength or mobility. However, it is worth it for the price and the zero carbon emissions.

Eskute Electric Bike Components & Accessories

The Eskute Wayfarer Electric Bike has a range of features, including an easy-to-use LCD screen, KMC chain, disc brakes, and front shock-absorbing forks. This electric bicycle is also equipped with ergonomically designed features such as an elevated riding position. Other features of the bike include a padded seat and frame bag, as well as a phone holder. This allows riders to stay connected and safe, while the bike is in the process of being repaired or replaced.

  • Brake lever Aluminum alloy brake lever
  • Freewheel Shimano  7-speed shift system
  • Tires  28″*1.75″Puncture Resistant tires
  • Tail Light In-house Light
  • Bike Frame Aluminum Allot 6061
  • Seat Post Diameter 38.1mm Length 350mm
  • Gearing Shimano Tourney RD-TY300D, 7 gear
  • Front Fork Partner Suspension
  • Kickstand High performance Aluminum
  • Pedal In-house Pedals
  • Crank 170mm Forged Alloy
  • Spokes 13 gauge front / 13 gauge rear
  • Brake   Tektro MD-M311 brake system
  • Chain   KMC Z51 rust-proof chain
  • Stem   Eskute Aluminum Alloy Stem
  • Front Headlight   Eskute Led Headlight
  • Saddle   Eskute Sports Saddle

The Eskute Wayfarer electric bike is designed to appeal to a variety of riders, from casual commuters to those who enjoy riding in the countryside. Its large, 700c tires and front suspension make it ideal for both light and moderate off-road riding. Additionally, the Eskute Wayfarer is equipped with a pannier rack and full mudguards. It even comes with lights and a USB charger.

Eskute Wayfarer Electric Bike Motor Power

The Eskute Wayfarer is a stylish electric bicycle with a compact drive system and quality Bafang rear hub motors. Its removable lithium-ion battery packs give it a riding range of 80-100 km. The battery packs can be removed for safety and can be recharged indoors. They are also lockable to prevent theft. In addition to its compact design, the Eskute Wayfarer has many useful features.

The Eskute Wayfarer electric bike has many features of the Voyager model, including a BAFANG 250-watt electric motor. The bike can travel up to 25 km/h or 15.5 mph on a single charge. Its battery can run up to 65 km when in human mode, but drops to 40 km on pure electric mode. This is the reason to use the human mode as much as possible.

Eskute Wayfarer Electric Bike Advantages & Feature

The Eskute Wayfarer is a comfortable and practical mobility scooter. It comes with high-quality components, including the KMC chain, which is the primary driving force of any bike. The Eskute Wayfarer is equipped with five levels of assistance, and an LCD display to show real-time information about the rider’s position. It is also equipped with mudguards, which protect the rider from unpredictable weather conditions, and powerful disc brakes for dependable stopping power.

Its battery and power supply are sourced from the same manufacturer as the Voyager model. It is equipped with high-quality bicycle components, including a dual-motor system. It has a maximum speed of 25 km per hour (15.5 mph) and can run up to 40 kilometers on a single charge. In pure electric mode, the range drops to 40 km. As such, it’s important to use human mode as much as possible to maximize the electric bike’s range.

Eskute Wayfarer Electric Bike Performance

In this Eskute Wayfarer review, we will discuss the basic performance features of this e-bike. This model has many of the features found in the Voyager model, including a 250W BAFANG motor, high-volume 700x45c Kenda tyres, and a soft gel saddle in the rear for comfort. We will also discuss the battery, which weighs 3.4 kg and can easily be disconnected from the mains socket. The battery can give you an overall range of 65km in human mode, but only 40km in pure electric mode. That is why we recommend using the pedal mode as much as possible, especially if you are planning to cycle long distances.

The Eskute Wayfarer Pro comes with hydraulic disc brakes that stop the bike from almost three meters when on dry ground. The progressiveness is appropriate. However, the front brake was less effective than I would have liked, causing some trembling and shaking. Overall, we recommend the Eskute Wayfarer Pro for daily rides of five to 35 km. With a price tag of PS999, this model can be a good choice for urban trips.

Eskute Wayfarer Electric Bike
Eskute Wayfarer Electric Bike

Summary Review / Where to Buy the Eskute Wayfarer Electric Bike

At £999 this is certainly a beautiful & very good value e-bike, especially when you consider the high quality frame and integrated battery you get with it. OK, you don’t get the larger batteries and more effective performance you get on higher price models, but for a budget e-bike it’s one of the best. I have seen at delivering bang for your buck and being a easy and everyday city ride into the bargain. You can also use the EBR promotion code of Bikereport50 to get a £50 discount.

£169 is a also very good and affordable price for replacement batteries so it would also be enticing to buy a next backup and keep it only lightly used.  When the first battery starts to damage, as all lithium ion batteries will do if charged and discharged a lot in regular use over the years.

Eskute were also fairly open with us about how their worldwide supply chain works. Their parental company is based in Shenzhen & China. They have a factory in Poland where bikes are available in UK made. They also have warehouses in Poland  and a UK warehouse.

Eskute are trading direct from their website and offering one year warranty on their major components like motor, battery and  also a one year warranty on ‘consumable’ components.

All the detail about warranty is on Eskute’s warranty page here.

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