Blue Raven Solar Review 2022


Solar Panel Company that’s experienced in repairing leaky roofs, look no further than Blue Raven Solar. The company’s roof leak repair team was on-site on two occasions in the winter of 2021 and February of 2022. On the first of those occasions, the crew members found a leak and repaired it. By the time they were finished, the leak was no longer a problem. On the second occasion, they found two more leaks, and fixed them as well. On March 10, they found two more leaks and repaired them. A few days later, they found a third leak, which they sealed, and scheduled a panel removal.

Blue Raven Solar’s business model

While many companies offer similar services, Blue Raven Solar’s business model differs from other solar installers. The company offers high-efficiency solar panels and solar storage options. In addition, the company has a partnership with SunPower. This partnership could help expand the company’s solar storage capabilities. The company also offers a unique solar loan program.

In-house installer network

The company offers solar installation services through an in-house installer network. In addition, the company offers unparalleled financing programs and is expanding its geographic footprint by adding new locations in 2021. The company also continues to invest in its technology and will provide more battery storage and options in the future. These services are designed to help customers achieve energy independence and save money on energy bills.

Quote for solar installation

Customers can call Blue Raven Solar and receive a quote for solar installation. After the quote is submitted, Blue Raven Solar will send a team to install the solar panels. The installers will mount the solar panels on the roof, rewire the electrical panel, and connect the new system to the existing utility meter. Once complete, the installation takes only a day or two.

Most affordable financing options

Blue Raven Solar offers the most affordable financing options in the solar industry. Their financing plans work well with state and federal incentives to lower the overall cost of solar installation. For instance, customers in New York State can receive a 25% federal tax credit on the purchase of a solar energy system. Furthermore, customers can take advantage of net metering, which is available in 38 states and D.C. Customers can also sell back excess energy to the grid without having to pay for it. This can be helpful for winter power during periods of low sunlight.

25-year manufacturer warranty

The company also offers a 25-year manufacturer warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects, and it also covers installation, routine maintenance, and snow removal. Customers who have purchased solar energy systems through Blue Raven Solar can also take advantage of a two-year productivity guarantee. This guarantee can save them as much as $20,000 to $80,000 in electricity costs over 20 years. Customers can also benefit from financing options that are easy to apply for.

Cost of installation

When deciding what solar panels to buy, it’s important to look at cost as well as the size of the installation. Blue Raven Solar works with clients to determine the ideal location for a solar energy system and will even work with homeowners to obtain the necessary permits. The installation process can take a day or two, depending on the size of the solar system.

Most efficient types of solar panels

Blue Raven Solar installs monocrystalline panels, which are among the most efficient types of solar panels on the market. The company also offers several types of panels, which differ in the amount of energy they can produce and the aesthetic appearance of the panels. For example, some parts of the country have strict guidelines for solar panel aesthetics, which may make some types of panels unsuitable for certain homes.

Competitive financing plans

Blue Raven also offers competitive financing plans, which combine with state and federal incentives. For example, a homeowner can get a federal tax credit of up to 26%, which they can claim back as a deduction on their tax bill. This credit is only available until the end of 2023, so homeowners should plan accordingly.

Partnering with SunPower

In addition to offering the highest-efficiency solar panels, Blue Raven Solar is also partnering with SunPower, which might expand their solar storage options. Another interesting financing option is BluePower Plus+, which is designed to provide customers with a solar loan. While this option is not ideal for every homeowner, it can work to the customer’s advantage.

Covers manufacturing defects

Blue Raven Solar offers a 25-year warranty for its solar panels, which covers manufacturing defects. The company also guarantees system productivity for two years after installation. If a solar system fails to produce the estimated amount of energy, Blue Raven will install a new one. The company also offers affordable financing options and is transparent with its installation process.

Customer reviews

Blue Raven Solar is a direct solar company that works with homeowners. They install solar panels on your roof for free and collect your electricity bill each month. On average, Blue Raven Solar offsets 100% of a customer’s utility bill. If you’re interested in solar power, you can sign up for a solar quiz or get a quote. However, a small percentage of customers have complaints, such as slow installation times or rude sales representatives.

Customer satisfaction ratings

While SunPower and Blue Raven Solar have high customer satisfaction ratings, it’s important to find out what customers have to say about a particular solar company before making a decision. Blue Raven Solar has a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating with the organization. However, the company could improve its services, which is why customer feedback is so important.

Indicate mixed experiences

Customer reviews of Blue Raven Solar indicate mixed experiences, with some customers reporting a smooth installation, while others report a nightmare experience. It seems that the quality of solar projects depends largely on where they are installed. However, the company has been the subject of legal troubles because of aggressive sales practices. While the company maintains an A+ rating on its Better Business Bureau page, some customers have complained about its lack of transparency and customer service.

Provides a 10-year warranty

Blue Raven Solar provides a 10-year warranty on workmanship and a 25-year warranty on parts. However, these warranties do not cover inverters, wiring, mounting, or other components. Moreover, despite advertising a production guarantee, the company only guarantees 85% of the cost of the solar system. The company also requires the buyer to accept the production for 18 months before it expires.

Warranty/guarantee policies

Blue Raven Solar provides an extensive warranty and productivity guarantee to ensure that your solar panels and system will operate as expected for the life of your property. If any part of the system fails, Blue Raven will replace it or upgrade it at no extra cost. The warranty also covers manufacturing defects and routine maintenance, including snow removal.

Customer support for technical questions

Blue Raven Solar offers a warranty of 25 years on its products, which is industry-best. The company also offers customer support for technical questions. The company is considered a best place to work in the United States and has over 700 verified customer reviews. If you’re looking to install a solar panel system, be sure to compare Blue Raven’s warranty and guarantee policies with other companies in the industry.

Varying in output and appearance

Blue Raven Solar offers monocrystalline panels, which are among the most efficient types of solar panels. There are a few options available to homeowners, each varying in output and appearance. Keep in mind that some parts of the country require solar panels to meet strict aesthetic guidelines. This can be frustrating if you’re not sure if the style of panel you’re considering will fit your home.


Blue Raven Solar offers a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 25-year workmanship warranty. However, these warranties don’t cover components, such as inverters or mounting systems. The company also offers a production guarantee, but the guarantee only applies to the first two years after the installation. If the system doesn’t produce as promised, you’ll have to pay the difference. The company will also charge for time spent troubleshooting.

Installation crews

Blue Raven Solar is a relatively new company that specializes in solar installation. Founded in 2014, it now employs more than 2,000 people in the U.S. It offers solar technology at affordable prices to both homeowners and businesses. The company also has partnerships with other organizations, such as GivePower, which offers solar energy solutions in developing areas.

Process that requires little or no expertise

Blue Raven Solar offers a simple installation process that requires little or no expertise. It usually takes one to two days for the installation crew to complete the project. Depending on the size of the property and the number of solar panels, however, the installation process may take several weeks. For larger homes or those with a large solar grid, the process can take even longer.

Few potential problems

Blue raven solar’s installation process has a few potential problems. Some of the biggest are safety issues. The installation crews must work at heights and in intense heat. Some employees may be inexperienced or underqualified for the job. Some customers have complained about pushy salespeople, poor quality installations, and paperwork issues.

Positive reviews from customers

Although Blue Raven Solar has received generally positive reviews from customers, their customer experience is mixed. Some customers have had an easy experience, while others have had a nightmare. Customer satisfaction seems to vary based on location. While Blue Raven received consistently high customer satisfaction ratings from 2016 through early 2021, it has also faced legal problems and negative reviews for aggressive sales practices. Its reputation has suffered from the fact that it is a new company in many areas.

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