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1. Build a Buyer Persona:

Have you ever clicked on an ad, only to realize you have no interest in the product being offered? If a business uses a generic ad that doesn’t speak to your interests, it is likely to alienate you. The same goes for your website.

If you want to build an effective marketing campaign and create an audience, you need to build a buyer persona. A buyer persona is an imaginary representation of your ideal customer. 

It might sound like something out of a marketing textbook, but it’s actually quite simple to do. It’s not difficult to see why companies are starting to use buyer personas in their marketing and sales efforts. Buyer personas not only help them build better ads and websites, they also help companies build relationships with their customers.

2. Build Buyer Persona with Social Media:

Artesian builds interested buyers and qualified bidders through social media. As a real estate company, we need to be constantly in touch with our audience and help them with the home buying process. Social media is a great way to communicate with our audience, build content and add value to them.

3. Build Buyer Persona with Search:

Today, more than ever, it’s important to understand your target audience. In order to do so, you need to know what they search for, what their pain points are, and how their search queries differ from the average person. This information can help you better understand your customers and improve your marketing campaigns. 

An example of this is Artesian builder, a water filtration company. They are able to target the people who are most likely to convert simply because they understand what kinds of questions people are asking before they even ask them. They are able to do this by analyzing the search queries of their target audience.

4. Designing Your Home Page to get Buyers in the Door:

Interested buyers and qualified bidders are what every real estate agent hopes to achieve on their home page. The Artesian agent’s home page is designed to do just that. The design is professional but friendly. The information is easy to find and the forms are easy to fill out.


 The form at the top of the page is to request more information about homes for sale. The other two are for buying or selling a home. You can fill out the contact form or use the social media buttons to connect with the agent on Facebook or Twitter. The home page also has a graphic of a home to give you a sense of what is available in the area.

5. How to Build a Buyer Persona with Your Blog:

There are many different theories about how to attract buyers/clients to your business. But one thing that is a constant is that you need to build trust and interest before your brand will be able to get a buyer to buy something from you.

 One of the best ways to artesian build trust and interest is by providing value to your audience. People want to know, like, and trust you before they are willing to buy or take a chance on you. When you provide valuable content to your audience and you are helpful, the audience will naturally become interested in your brand and some of them will become buyers. 

This article will help you to identify the buyer persona of your blog so that you can start delivering value to your audience.


Conclusion: To build a buyer persona, you need to know who your buyer is. The more buyer persona you have, the more likely it is that you’ll have a sale.


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