Day: October 15, 2022

wireless charging technology

Your Guide to the Newest Wireless Charging Technology Trends

At this point, most people are used to utilizing wireless charging technology on a regular basis. But believe it or not, wireless phone charging hasn’t been a thing for that long. The first charger capable of wireless power transfer was invented back in the late 2000s. But there weren’t any phones that offered this type of […]

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best photographer

What Are the Benefits of Becoming the Best Photographer?

Studies show that 91% of people take photos using smartphones as opposed to only 7% who use digital cameras. What this could mean is that it’s not so much the equipment you use as it is the level of skill you have. In fact, even professionals can use smartphones and still amaze you with show-stopping photos anytime. Wouldn’t […]

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graphic design tips

Instagram Graphic Design Tips to Enhance Your Feed

Did you know that Instagram has at least 1.440 billion users around the world in July 2022? An effective Instagram photo can draw people in and make your brand go viral in no time flat. But to make sure your photos pop, you first need to know how to approach the platform with an eye for […]

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adobe software list

Adobe Software List: 4 of the Best Products Ranked

Do you take part in marketing and digital creation? Do you want to engage in both areas to their fullest potential? If so, then you will want to check out the best Adobe products out there. However, finding the best Adobe products isn’t easy. With Adobe’s wide variety of products, it’s tricky to stitch together […]

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mug design

Mug Design Tips: How to Design a Great-looking Mug

Are you designing a cool mug? According to research analysis, the market for mugs was worth $21.39 billion in 2021. If you want your mug design to stand out and gain popularity, you must create something memorable. This means you have to take extra time to create a unique and beautiful design that influences your […]

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Houses in Marbella

How Much Do Houses in Marbella Cost?

Marbella provides a wonderful mixture of small-town charm and big-city amenities. As Spain’s most expensive region, Marbella is a great investment for both seasonal and year-round residents. The climate is fantastic for beach lovers, foodies, and retirees. If you’re thinking about moving to Marbella, you want to do your homework at the average prices of […]

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Professional Cleaning

How Much Does Professional Cleaning Services Cost?

Are you worried about the state of your office or business? No matter how hard you try, there always comes a time when the dirt and grime are just too much. Whether you have a job, a family, or other commitments, it’s hard to find the time to do professional cleaning services. But how much […]

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