16oz Water Bottle: It’s Features & Types In 2022

16oz water bottle

16oz water bottle | Looking for a good 16oz water bottle for the office? Whether it is a Nalgene, Corkcicle Strive, or Iron Flask, we’ve got you covered. From durable stainless steel to fun colors, you’re sure to find a bottle that fits your lifestyle and budget. In this article, we’ll discuss three of our favorites. Whether you’re planning a business trip, or merely want to stay hydrated throughout the day, we’ll have you covered.

Nalgene 16oz Water Bottle

The Nalgene 16 oz wide-mouth water bottle is the best-selling wide-mouth water bottle. It’s leak-proof, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, durable, shatter-proof, and does not retain odors. In fact, you can use the Nalgene 16oz water bottle for hours without worrying about it retaining odors.

16oz water bottle

Great Feature Of The Nalgene 16oz Water Bottle

Another great feature of the Nalgene 16oz water bottle is that it is BPA-free and recyclable. Plus, it is a perfect size for traveling and hiking. It is also dishwasher-safe, which is a plus for people on the go. Best of all, the Nalgene water bottle also donates 100% of its profits to Trees For The Future, a nonprofit that fights hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa by teaching farmers how to replant and grow trees.

The Nalgene 16 oz Wide Mouth Bottle is the smaller version of the 32 oz Wide Mouth Bottle. It is just as durable and features the same attractive style. It comes in a variety of colors. Its delivery price is $9.99 for a one-color imprint to a U.S. address. The Nalgene 16 oz Wide Mouth Bottle ships via UPS ground to any contiguous U.S. address.

16oz water bottle

Corkcicle Strive Insulated 16oz Water Bottle

Aside from its stylish appearance, the Corkcicle Strive insulated 16oz water bottle also has great insulating properties. This product features a screw-on lid that won’t break even if dropped. It is available in different colors and sizes. The Corkcicle is a leading brand of beverage canteens focused on providing optimal drinking temperatures. This product is durable and comes in a range of attractive colors.

Iron Flask 16oz Water Bottle

The popular stainless steel 16oz water bottle by Iron Flask is available in six different sizes and in colorful variations. You can choose from colors like cotton candy, aquamarine, bubblegum, fire, and dark rainbow. Other colors include twilight blue, peach, and sky. Each style also comes with a removable straw for added convenience. The lids are stainless steel on the outside and plastic on the inside.

16oz water bottle

Iron Flask 16oz Water Bottle Features

The stainless-steel, cup-holder-friendly Iron Flask 16oz water bottle also features a lifetime guarantee. Its lids are easy to carry and clip to storage for easy access. You can even use the straw lid for hot drinks. And with its convenient, insulated design, the bottle can hold as much as 16 ounces of liquid as you like. Whether you’re a runner or a hiker, the Iron Flask 16 oz reusable water bottle is the perfect companion for you.

16oz water bottle

Double Wall Insulated 16oz Water Bottle

A double wall insulated 16oz water bottle can prevent condensation and help you stay hydrated. Its vacuum-sealed stainless-steel construction prevents air from entering the bottle and transferring heat. That means your drink stays hot or cold for hours. The lids are dishwasher-safe and come in different colors. Because of its insulating properties, it’s perfect for office use and outdoor activities.

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